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LED Lights and IP Cameras

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Why LED Lights

I consider myself quite environmentally responsible person so this Christmas I decided to replace all tube-lights and conventional light points in my house and office by LED lights. My office and home together have 20 light points so earlier my consumption was approximately 1500W (considering 75W per point as an average) I have brought it down to 180W reducing my personal carbon footprint drastically. Not only that, but it will bring down my power bill significantly. But, Why I am writing about LED lights on my website that deals with IP cameras? Hold on guys! there is a real reason for that. Right after changing to LED lights, I went into my office to test a few Geo-Vision IP cameras. Normally, You need to change the 230V frequency in the camera setup page. Because these IP cameras are manufactured in Taiwan, default frequency is configured as 60Hz because that is what is being used in most of the Asian countries. If you don’t change this frequency to 50Hz, the camera outputs very bad flickering pictures. So, we change it to 50Hz as our power works on 50Hz frequency. So, to cut the long story short, I changed the network configuration of the camera to suit my LAN settings and the pictured appeared on the screen. To my surprise, there was no flickering and I had not yet changed the frequency from 60Hz to 50Hz? That was my eureka moment as I had found the third advantage of using LED lights besides being environmentally friendly and low power consuming device. LED lights outputs more camera friendly light than conventional light sources.

So guys, give yourself and your environment a great gift of LED lights this Christmas. Change all your conventional light points by LED lights. You may select the right one for your home or office from the following list. Countries that participated in Paris global warming conference may not have come out with great solution to save the planet earth but let us do our bit to save our planet. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

MVL0107Verbatim Classic A E27 9W 810lm 3000K Warm White LED Lamp Screw     MVL0107    $13.49+GST

LED LightsVerbatim LED Classic A B22 11W 810lm 3000K Dimmable Warm White     MVL0215     $17.59+GST

LED LightsVerbatim LED Classic A B22 13W 1100lm 6000K Cold White     MVL029      $17.59+GST

LED LightsVerbatim LED R63 E27 8w 380lm 3000k Warm White LED Lamp MVL047    $17.10+GST

LED LightsVerbatim T8 Tube G13 600mm 10W 900lm 5700K CW LED Lamp     MVL0981     $28.55+GST

LED LightsVerbatim Integrated Downlight (90mm) 10W 600lm 3000K     MLV1033      $29.99+GST

LED LightsVerbatim Integrated Downlight (90mm) 10W 650lm 5000K CW LED Lamp      MLV1044      $36.99+GST

MVL1051Verbatim Integrated Downlight (216mm) 24W 1600lm 3000K LED Lamp      MLV1051      $62.99+GST

MVL1061Verbatim LED Grand Classic E27 12W 1100lm 6000K CW      MLV1061      $27.99+GST 


Free Delivery for order value more than $200.00

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