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Geovision IP Cameras

Geovision IP Cameras

Indoor Budget IP Cameras

wellington budget indoor ip camera
GV-EFD 1100 1.3mp Fixed IP dome

Price : $329.00 + GST


Budget Box IPCamera wellington

GV-EBX 1100 Box IP Cam

Price : $329.00 + GST


  Outdoor Budget IP Camera

outdoorbudget ip camera wellington

GV-EDR1100 Outdoor Dome Camera

Price : $369.00 + GST


Indoor Dome IP Camera

Mini fixed dome wellington

GV-MFD5301 Mini Fixed Dome

Price : 1019.00 + GST


Indoor Dome Ip Camera Wellington

GV-FD5300 WDR IR Dome 

Price : $1499.00 + GST


Outdoor Rugged Dome IP Camera

wellington outdoor IP camera

GV-MDR Rugged Dome Camera

Price : $1225.00 + GST


Vandal Proof IP Dome Camera

Wellington Vandal proof IP camera

GV-VD4711 Vandal Proof Dome

Price : $1659.00 + GST


Covert IP Cameras

These cameras can be easily hidden because of their pinhole type lenses. One of the best ways to hide them is in an electrical junction box. Mount the camera in the box and then just make a tiny hole for the lens. We have made a video to help you install these cameras. Click here to watch this video.

Pinhole IP Camera wellington


GV-UNP2500 Pinhole Camera

Price : $645.00  + GST


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