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Geovision Network Video Recorders

Linux based Geovision Network Video Recorder

These are entry level Network video recorders. These recorders are suitable to be used as a group of eight IP cameras. These give you internet connectivity to watch live pictures. However, these recorders struggle when you want to view recorded video footage. For serious applications, we recommend a Windows based recorder.

Light NVR Wellington
NVR Light $1449.00 + GST
NVR Wellington
Linux Based NVR $695.00 + GST

Windows based Geovision Network Video Recorders

This Geovision NVR works flawlessly for up to 64 IP cameras. It has an efficient internet connectivity. It can handle multiple display screens and allows you to create matrix of cameras for different display screens. It can be used as a Hybrid recorder if a video capture card (such as GV800) is installed. Hybrid systems allow you to use both analogue and IP cameras on the same system.

Wellington TowerNVR
Tower NVR $2069.00 + GST

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