If you are IP cameras supplier or take turnkey projects for digital surveillance using IP cameras, you must read my experience before you go for your next installation. It is important because we almost lost a very prestigious project owing to this small oversight. Thanks to the immediate action by our installers who rectified the problem within one hour saving us from a big disgrace. And if this can happen to us, tomorrow it may happen to you as well.

IP Cameras Hacking

We have installed IP cameras in one of the schools and the clients were very satisfied with our IP cameras and the overall system till this catastrophe fell on us. One of the boys in the school got hold of IP Scanner software many of which are freely availableĀ  on the web. He ran the software over the school’s local area network, obtaining IP addresses of all the IP cameras and their associated information. Next, he searched the web and found a website where default user names and passwords are available for most of the major brands.

He then accessed the cameras, created URL for each of them and broadcasted these URLs to the whole school. What an embarrassment it caused to our company! Anyway, moral of the story is, Be sure to change the default userĀ name and password of IP cameras in all your installations. We have added “Change default user names and password” in the installation guide lines check list and you also must do before a disaster strikes. If you found this information useful, subscribe to our mailing list (In the right hand column of this page) for more posts like this, giving relevant information and also letting you know about our new products and promotions.