Entry Level IP Camera System

In Addition to Geovision and Panasonic range of cameras, we recently introduced economic IP camera system and thought of providing them as an entry level option to our customers who don’t want to spend dollars on expensive systems like Geovision and Panasonic range of IP camera systems but still want to provide security to their premises. We contacted Enxun Digital Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd of China asked them to send to us the details of their range of IP camera systems. After long brain storming sessions, we decided on a few IP cameras and associated NVRs and imported them on sample basis. We installed them in our premises and found them to be as good as Geovision and Panasonic as far as picture clarity and frame rate are concerned. Not only that but we found them to be more user friendly and easier to install than our two main brands. Hence, we decided to use Enxun Digital Technology cameras even at our critically important sites like Hutt Indoor Sports, Salvation Army etc.

We are selling the IP Camera systems as a package deal as well as NVR and cameras separately. We will now explain how to select the right system for your requirement and then we will explain how to connect and configure your system. We have included a video at the end of this post to explain how to configure and install IP camera system if you want to do it yourself else email (ranjan@msnz.co.nz) us and we can give you a suitable proposal to install and configure the system for you.

16 IP Camera Package:

You know that you require 16 cameras along with NVR. We are giving a package deal for this requirement and its total price is NZ$2999.99 + GST and it comes with the following items.

IP Camera MIP‐362C1 16 Nos. 1.3 MP IP Camera Vandal Resistant

1.3MP 960P@30FPS
Supports Motion Detection
Builtin POE
Low illumination with IR cut filter.
Good for Indoor and Outdoor installation
Easy to Install



NVR 16 Channel EN‐2716L 1No.NVR

16ch 1080P record
Support 2 HDD
App: XMEYE for iPhone as well as Android.
4TB SATA drive
No static IP required for remote connection over internet
User friendly playback and video backup on USB drive
HDMI and VGA video output
Optical USB Mouse
Power supply

AOC 19.5″ LED Screen

19.5 AOC LED Monitor








16 Channel POE Switch

16 Ports POE Switch

8 Channel Normal Switch

8 port swich

However, if your requirement is less than 16 cameras, you may buy cameras and NVR separately instead of the package mentioned above. In that case Prices are as below:

IP Camera MIP‐362C1

NVR 16 Ch EN‐2716L with 4TB Hard drive

AOC 19.5″ LED Screen

8 Channel Switch with 4 POE ports
$101.00 +GST

In case you require to install 1 or 2 cameras and do not want to buy an NVR and have a laptop or a desktop with windows operating system to spare, you may install the NVR software on any of these machines. IP camera MIP‐362C1 comes with this NVR software. Do not forget to partition your hard drive so that the software haves video footage in the secondary drive and not in windows drive.

IP Camera MIP‐362C1

8 Channel Switch with 4 POE ports

Guide to install your IP Camera System:`